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Texas Border Patrol

In memory of the men from 12th Cavalry Regiment who gave their lives for their country

on border patrol duty in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

We honor them by remembering them.

May they rest in peace

From March, 1914 until February, 1916, part of the 12th Cavalry Regiment performed border patrol duty along the Mexican border in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

The Troops and their locations were:


Troop A - San Benito, Texas

Troop B - Harlingen,Texas

Troop C - Mercedes, Texas

Troop D - Donna, Texas

In August and September 1915, there were a number skirmishes with Mexican bandits
which resulted in five Troopers killed in action and one Trooper missing on action.

Private George McGuire - Troop A - August 3, 1915 - Killed in Action

Private Leo Winhaus - Troop C - August 10, 1915 - Killed in Action

Corporal John Williams - Troop C - August 16, 1915 - Killed in Action

Private Anthony Kraft - Troop A - September 13, 1915 - Killed in Action

Trumpeter Harold Forney - Troop A - September 13, 1915 - Died of Wounds

Private Richard Johnson - Troop B - September 24, 1915 - Missing in Action

Source:     Military History of the Twelfth Regiment of Cavalry, Army of the United States, 1901-1920. Published on March 1, 1920.

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