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Sniper Section Enemy Killed in Action (EKIA)


From November 2006 – September 2007 the 1-12 CAV sniper section logged 181 total EKIA (average 16.5/month) and 144 confirmed EKIA (average 13/month).  The high period was December 2006 thru February 2007.  Out of those three months the high month was February with 42 EKIA.  The low period was May 2007 thru September 2007, with a low month of August with zero EKIA.


The 1-12 CAV Sniper Section EKIA is dealt with separately from the rest of the battalion due to sniper section EKIA not being reported thru the same channels.  For example, 1-12 CAV sniper teams would often conduct missions out of the battalion’s AO (in the DRV with 1-12 CAV units attached to 5-73 RSTA) or with Special Forces units; thus, EKIA would not be reported directly to the battalion TOC or be recorded along with the rest of the battalion.  Below are definitions of the three categories of EKIA utilized for the charts below:


· Confirmed: Enemy engaged and is clearly no longer alive by visual inspection.  This inspection may be conducted through the use of binoculars or other similar devices.

· Unconfirmed: Enemy engaged and rounds verifiably impact insurgent in either the body or the head by visual observation, enemy falls from view (i.e. behind a wall) or is dragged off by other insurgents.  Enemy is assumed KIA or will die soon due to lack of adequate medical treatment.

· Confirmed Assists: Enemy engaged and confirmed KIA after calling for fire (generally mortars) or by directing AWT onto the target(s).  This method was utilized when sniper SKT team was outnumbered or when the intent was not to reveal a hide-site location.

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