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1/12 S4



Battalion S-4 of 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment forward deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08.  Responsible for equipping a Combined Arms Battalion consisting of 8 companies and 1200 Soldiers.  Serves as the link between local national contractors and the Battalion.  Serves as the Battalion Field Ordering Officer and Contracting Officer procuring items not available through the Army supply system.  Manages all supply actions throughout the Battalion, as well as the organizational and theater provided equipment.  Battalion Unit Movement Officer for deployment and redeployment operations, consisting of over 1,000 pieces of equipment valued at over $650 million.  Serves as the vehicle modification manager ensuring Soldiers receive the safest vehicle available.  Manages turn-in of excess equipment and vehicles and lateral transfer of Military equipment to ASC for redeployment.


Achievements during OIF 06-08


During deployment operations, TF 1-12 CAV BN S4 Section managed and supervised over 250 vehicles for a combined arms battalion through Kuwait and Iraq.  During OIF 06-08, the S4 was an invaluable and vital asset to the accomplishment of security and stability operations in Baqubah, Iraq.  S4 soldiers worked diligently to sustain more than ten companies consisting of 1500 soldiers in adverse conditions and ensured all classes of supply were readily available at a moments notice.  


Prior to Surge Operations, combat outpost became a new concept for the BN which put more troops living among the local populace within the dangerous cities.  With this requirement, the BN S4 equipped and sustained six combat outposts from inception. The S4 provided logistical support to the following outpost:  Diyala Media Center located in Kanaan, Buhriz Iraqi Police Station Outpost, White Castle Outpost located in New Baqubah, Chaos X-Ray Outpost located in Old Baqubah, and Bone X-Ray and Bone Zulu located in Tahrir.  Through local contractors and vendors the BN S4 managed contracts valued in excess of $2 million.  These contracts not only provided life support for TF 1-12 CAV soldiers but also raised morale within the organization due to the austere conditions imposed by the newly formed outpost.

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