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Percent Available


1-12 CAV deployed as an under-strength battalion with an average of 848 soldiers in November or 207 soldiers short of MTOE of 1055.  This number is based on the total MTOE of all organic units plus E FSC and A/2-82 FA, both of which have been tracked under 1-12 CAV PERSTAT for the entire deployment.  Other units have been attached and detached throughout the year, but including these other units would not provide an accurate basis for comparison.

The battalion hit a low of 721 soldiers present for duty (PDY) in April.  This was 85.7% available (based on PDY/Assigned) and 68.3% available (based upon PDY/MTOE).  After receiving 128 replacement soldiers throughout the year the battalion reached its high number of soldiers PDY in September with 889 soldiers.  This was 98.1% (based on PDY/Assigned) and 84.3% (based on PDY/MTOE).

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Note: Soldiers on ForcePro, profile, and suicide watch are included as PDY, effective BOG is lower.

Note: Soldiers in the hospital or on leave are not included as PDY.

Note: The total number of soldiers assigned was adjusted throughout the year.

Note: Only organic units plus E FSC/215 BSB and A/2-82 FA are tracked for the entire year, all other units are removed in order to establish an accurate baseline.

Note: MTOE is based on 232 (HHC/1-12), 135 (A&B/1-12), 63 (C&D/1-12), 76 (E/1-12), 236 (E FSC/215), and 115 (A/2-82) for a total of 1055 soldiers.

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