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Operations Summary


From November 2006 thru the end of September 2007 1-12 CAV conducted a total of 102 company and larger size operations for an average of 9.3 per month.  The high month was July with a total of 16 operations.  July also corresponds with the middle and end of OPERATION ARROWHEAD RIPPER and with the OPERATION ISOLATE OLD BAQUBAH phase of OPERATION ARROWHEAD RIPPER.


The low month was September 2007 with 4 planned operations.  This low number of planned operations should not be correlated with a lack of battalion activity.  With the conditions set for Reconciliation, the battalion’s activities were significantly more focused on non-lethal counterinsurgency operations than lethal operations during that month.  At all levels within the battalion countless combat patrols were focused upon SOI and CLN engagements.  Working to stand-up and enforce both CLN security contracts and neighborhood watch programs took considerable time and effort during the month of September.


Note that only operations for which a planned mission packet was created were included in the graph and tables below.  There were numerous VIP visits and General Officer visits which required a company or more of battalion assets to execute. CONOPs were created for these events but not mission packets; therefore, these missions are not reflected in the chart below.


There were also many react to contact and recovery operations which required a company or company (+) worth of resources to accomplish, these were not included for this analysis.  The only recovery mission included was OPERATION FALLEN ANGEL, as a mission packet was created for this mission. 


Also note that the actual number of company level missions conducted may be slightly higher both at the beginning of the deployment and at the end of the deployment.  At the beginning of the deployment the number of company size operations was slightly higher than the number reported below due to companies becoming accustomed to the battalion’s mission packet standards.  At the end of the deployment the number of operations conducted is slightly higher than reported due to some missions no longer being required a mission packet (i.e. certain HA or CME type missions).

Operations Summary 1.gif
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