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1/12 GLOSSARY R to T

R&D – Research and Development

R&S – reconnaissance & surveillance


RAID - Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment

RAM-T – Risk Assessment Managment Team

RAOC – Regional Air Operations Center

RATs – Second Responder RATs Assess Structural Damage. 

RBECS – Revised Battlefield Electronic CEOI System

RBIED – Rocket Borne Improvised Explosive Devices

RC -  Remote Control

RC – recruiting center (i.e., IAF RC)

RCC – Revolutionary Command Council (part of Saddam’s Ba’ath Party)

RCC- Rescue coordination center

RCERT – Regional Computer Emergency Response Team

RCIED – remote-controlled IED

RCLO – Regime Crimes Liaison Office

RCMC – regional COMSEC monitoring center

RCO – requirements coordination office

RDAT – regional development assistance team

RDD – Required Delivery Date 

RDIED – Radio Detonated IED 

REC – Radio Electronic combat

RECCE – Reconnaissance 

REGT - Regiment

REL - release

RF – radio frequency

RFA – restricted-fire area

RFF – request for forces

RFI – request for information; Rapid Fielding Initiative (Army)

RFO – Request For Outage

RFP – Request For Proposal 

RFS – Request For Support; Request For Service

RI – Relevant Information

RIB – Rigid Inflatable Boat 

RIC – Regional Iraqi Control

RIP – relief-in-place

RJCC – regional joint command center

RKT – rocket

RLV – reusable launch vehicle

RMST – Religious Ministry Support Team

RND - round

RO – response option

ROC – Regional Operations Center/ Rehearsal of Contingency 

ROD – Remain Overday 

ROE – rules of engagement

ROHA – Reporting Officer Historical Assessment 

ROK – Republic of Korea

ROMO – Range of Military Operations

RON – Remain Overnight 

ROZ- Restricted operating zone

RPC – Radwaniyah Palace Complex, Baghdad, Iraq 

RPD – Riverine Patrol Directorate (formerly IRPS) 

RPG - rocket-propelled grenade

RPK - … (Russian machine gun)

RPTR – repeater

RQ – remotely piloted vehicles

RROC – Regional Reconstruction Operations Center 

RRP – Radio Relay Point

RSO – regional security officer

RSO&I – reception, staging, onward movement & integration

RSM – Retarded Shit Monkey

RTB – Return to Base 

RTD – returned to duty

RTE – route (road)

RTF – Returned To Facility

RTMT – Relational Theater Mission Timeline

RTOC – Rear Tactical Operations Center

RTQ – response to query

RUS – Russia (country code)

RW – rotary wing

RWI – Rural Water Initiative 

RWY- Runaway

S – South

S&J – Security and Justice 

S/O Team – Sniper Observation Team

S/T – Shore Tons- found on j4 slide reportings flights S/T =2000 lbs.

S5 – Civil Military Operations Officer

SA – situational awareness, Subject Awareness; Small Arms; Systems Administrator

SAAF – Sustainer Army Airfield 

SAAFR – Standard use of Army aircraft flight route

SAC – Security Action Committee (MNF-I)

SACO – Staff Action Control Office

SAF -  Small Arms Fire

SAF – small arms fire

SAFEHOUSE – Safe House (SF term), same as a team house 

SAFIRE – surface-to-air fire

SAIRI – Supreme Assembly for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.  

SAM – surface-to-air missile

SANG – Saudi Arabia National Guard 

SAO – Sanctuary Areas Of Operations 

SAPI – small arms protective inserts (for OTV)

SAR – Sunni Arab Rejectionist; Satellite Access Request

SAR – U-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar

SAREQ – Search and rescue request

SASO – stability and support operations

SAT, Sat – Saturday

SAU – Saudi Arabia (country code)

SAW – Squad Automatic Weapon

SB – Seabees

SB7L-360 – Seeker reconnaissance aircraft (IAF)

SBCT – Stryker Brigade Combat Team

SBE – Stay Behind Equipment

SBIED – Suicide Borne IED

SBMR-I – Senior British Military Representative – Iraq

SCA – South Central Asia 

SCI – Sensitive compartmented Information

SCIRI – Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq 

SCJS – Special Combined Joint Staff; Secretary of the Combined Joint Staff



SCWG – STRATCOM Working Group

SDM -  Saddamists (formerly FRE)

SDN – Sudan (country code)

SDT – Surveillance Detection Team 

SDVTU – SEAL Delivery Task Unit 

SE – Southeast

SEAD – Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

SEAL – Sea Air Land 

SECFOR – security forces

SED – Simulative Electronic Deception

SEP, Sep – September; Signals Intelligence End Products

SEPCOR – Separate Correspondence

SERE – Survival, Evasion , Resistance, Escape

SET – State Embedded Team

SFAUC – Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat 

SFLE – Special Forces Liaison Elements 

SH – supply helicopter; support helicopter

SHA – Safe House Area 

SHORAD – short-range air defense


SI – serious injury; special interest

SIB -  Strategic Infrastructure Battalion

SIB – Security Infrastructure Battalion

SIGACT - significant activity; Significant Actions

SIGINT – Signal Intelligence

SIGINT – signals intelligence

SINCGARS – Single Channel Ground Air Radio System

SIPRNET – Secure Internet Protocol Router Network

SIR – serious incident report

SIR – Service Interruption Request; Service Interruption Report; Serious Incident Report

SIRT – Serious Incident Response Team

SITREP – situation report

SITSUM – situation summary

SJA – staff judge advocate

SLO – state liaison officer

SM – Service Member

SMA – Subject Matter Awareness

SMDC – Space and Missile Defense Command

SME – Subject Matter Expert

SMT – Special Mission Team 

SMUD – Small Arms UXO Destruction

SNCO – senior non-commissioned officer (see NCO)

SNFZ – Southern no-fly zone

SNR – senior national representative

SOC – Strategic Operations Center (MNF-I, formerly the ITOC); South(ern) Oil Company (Iraq); Strategic Operations Center (Iraq); Special Operations Command (i.e. AFSOC)

SOCCE – Special Operations Command and Control Element

SOCCENT – Special Operations Command, Central

SOCOM – Special Operations Command

SOCOORD – Special Operations Coordinator

SOE – Secondary Order of Effects 

SOF – special operations forces

SOFA – status of forces agreement

SOG – Sergeant Of The Guard

SOI – Special Operating Instruction; Signal Operating Instruction

SOLIC – Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict 

SOM – Somalia (country code)

SOMS-B – special operations media - broadcast

SOP – standard operating/operation procedure

SOR – Statements of Requirements 

SOSO – stability operations and support operations

SOT – Sector Observation Team

SOT-A – Support Operations Team A 

SOW - statement of work

SP – security forces (USAF), Starting Point 

SPA – Strategy, Plans, & Assessment (MNF-I)

SPEA – Special Electronic Attack

SPEAR – SOF Equipment Advanced Requirements (Ballistic Inserts)

SPEC – special

SPF – Special Police Forces (ISF, 10K-man surge force)

SPIDER – Tail Airborne System Active Radar Device / Mobile Missile Launching Vehicle System 

SPINS – special instructions

SPOD – Sea Port of Debarkation

SPOE – Sea Port of Embarkation

SPR – Special Police Regiment (ISF, part of CIF; counter- insurgency force) ((see POB) 

SPT – Support

SPTT – Special Police Transition Team 

SPVD – subsistence prime vendor distribution

SQDN – Squadron

SR – Special reconnaissance 

SRAAM – short-range air-to-air missile

SRB – Strategic Review Board 

SRBM – short-range ballistic missile

SROE – Standing Rules Of Engagement 

SRSG – U.N. Secretary General for Iraq

SSE – Sensitive Site Exploitation 

SSF – specialized special forces

SST – scout sniper teams

ST – special text

STAT – statistics 

STEP – Strategic Tactical Entry Points

STILO – Scientific and Technical Intelligence Liaison Officer

STRAT – strategic

STRATCOM – (MNF-I) Strategic Communications (also STRATCOMMS)

Stryker – Army’s new medium-weight armored vehicle (average weight of 38K pounds

STU – Special Tactics Unit/ Secured telephone Unit 

SUM – summary

SUN, Sun – Sunday

SURG – surgeon

SVBIED -  Suicide Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (driver present)

SVBIED -  Suicide Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (driver present)

SVBIED – suicide vehicle born IED

SVCP – snap vehicle check point

SW – Southwest

SWAT – special weapons and tactics police team

SWEAT-MFSG – Sewage, Water, Electricity, Academics, Trash- Medical, Fuel, Security, Governance 

SWT – Scout weapons team (OH-58)

SYC – Seychelles (country code) 

SYR – Syria  (country code)

SYSCON – System Control

T&FF -  Terrorists and Foreign Fighters (formerly SRE)

TA – target audience

TAA – target audience assessment; tactical assembly area; Target Audience Analysis

TAC – Tactical

TACNET – Tactical Network

TACON – tactical control

TACON – Tactical Control

TAC-P – tactical air control – party

TACWAN – Tactical Wide Area Network

TAD – Target Acquisition Detachment

TAH - Target area hazard

TAI – targeted area of interest

TAL – Transitional Administrative Law (Iraq)

TB – Taliban 

TBD – to be determined

TBM – theater ballistic missile

TBP – To Be Published

TCA – Traditional Commander Activity 

TCAE – Tactical Control Analytic Element 

TCCC – Theater Command and Control Communications Center

TCD – Chad (country code) 

TCF – Tactical Combat Force

TCN – third-country national; troop contributing nation

TCO – Telephone Control Officer

TCP -  Tactical Check Point

TCP – traffic control point; Tactical Control Point

TCT – time critical target

TD – target designation

TEL – transporter erector launcher

TEOC – Tele-Engineering Operations Center 

TF - task force

TF RIE – Task Force- Restore Iraqi Electricity 

TF RIO – Task Force – Restore Iraqi Oil 

TFF - Terrorist and foreign fighters

TF-HOA – Task Force Horn of Africa

TGT – target

TH Geresk – Team House Geresk(same as a safe house) 

THF – Temporary Holding Facility

THF – Temporary Holding Facility 

THOPS – Tactical HUMINT Operations Section

THREATCON – threat condition

THT – Tactical HUMINT Team

THU, Thu - Thursday

TIAS – target identification and acquisition system

TIC – troops in contact

TIC/TIM – Toxic Industrial Chemicals/ Materials 

TICPDE – Toxic Industrial Chemical Protection and Detection Equipment 

TIP – Target Intelligence Package 

TIR – Tactical Interrogation Report 

TISA – Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan 

TJK – Tajikistan (country code) 

TKM – Turkmenistan (country code)

TLA - Transitional Legislative Assembly

TLAM – Tomahawk Land Attack Missile

TLP – Troop Leading Procedures 

TM - Team

TMD – theater missile defense

TMFDB – Tactical Mine Field Data Base

TMR - transportation movement request

TNA -  Transitional National Assembly

TNA – Transitional National Assembly

TNOSC – Theater Network Operations and Security Center

TNTN – Transnational Terrorist Network

TOA – transfer of authority; time of arrival

TOC – Tactical Operations Center; Technical Operations Center

TOR – Terms OF Reference/ Time of Receipt 

TOS - transfer of sovereignty

TOT – time over target; Time On Target

TPB – Tactical PSYOP Battalion

TPC – Tactical PSYOP Company

TPD – Tactical PSYOP Detachment

TPDD – Tactical PSYOP Development Detachment

TPE – Theater Provided Equipment

TPFDD – Time Phased Force & Deployment Data

TPFDL – Time Phased Force Deployment List 

TPT – tactical PSYOP team

TRA – Training Readiness Assessment

Trains – Combat Service Support 

TRIC – Transition and Reintegration Implementation Committee

TRNC – Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Center

TRP - Troop

TSC – Theater Support Command

TSE – Team Support Element

TSM – Target Synchronization Matrix

TSP – Time Sensitive Planning 


TSS – Target Selection Standards

TST – time-sensitive targeting

TT – Transition Team

TTP – tactics, techniques, and procedures

TUA – Tactical Update Assessment

TUE, Tue – Tuesday

TUR – Turkey (country code) 

TURD – Tactical Update requiring Dissemination 

TVA – threat vulnerability assessments; target Value Analysis

Tvl – travel

TWY - Taxiway

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