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1/12 GLOSSARY M to Q

M – million (ex:  $70M = $70,000,000)

M, m – meter

M1114 – up-armored HMMWV

M1A1 – Abrahms tank (Army)

M240B – 7.62 Machine Gun Crew Served, Infantry

M240C – 7.62 machine gun on BFV or tank

M2A1 – Bradley Fighting Vehicle (Army)

M2A2 – Bradley Fighting Vehicle (Army)

M3A2 – Bradley Scout Vehicle

MA -  Mujahidin Army

MABOT – Mina Al Bakra Offshore Terminal, Iraq

MAD – mutual assured destruction

MAG – marine air group/ Mine Action Group 

MAGTF – Marine Air-Ground Task Force

MAJ – Major (US Army)

Maj – Major (USAF, USMC)

Maj Gen – Major General (USAF)

MAM – Military Aged Male

MANPADS – Man Portable Air Defense

MAR, Mar – March; Marine

MARCE – Marines Component Command Element

MARCENT –  U.S. Marines Central Command

MARFOR – Marine Forces

MAROPS – maritime operations

MAS – Muqtada al-Sadr

MASINT – Measurement and Signature Intelligence

MAT – Military Assistance Team (see MTT)

MAW – Marine Air Wing

MAY, May – May

MB – Tajik Ministry of Security 

MBT – Main Battle Tank

MCA – Military Civil Action 

MCE –  Mission Control Element

MCFI – Multi-Coalition Forces – Iraq

MCG – Mobile Command Group

MCLC – Military Coordination and Liaison Command 

MCO – Military Coordination Office 

MCS – Mobility/Countermobility/Survivability

MCU – major Crisis Unit

MD – military deception

MDCOA – most desired COA (see MLCOA)

MDMP – Military Decision Making Process

MDO – Military Deception Officer

MEB – Marine Expeditionary Brigade

MEDCAP – medical civil assistance program

MEDEVAC – Medical Evacuation 

MEEL - Mission essential equipment list

MEF - Marine Expeditionary Force

MEG – Marine expeditionary group

MEK – Mujahedeen E. Khaliq (Iranian Opposition Group)

MEPP – Middle East Peace Process 

MES – Mazar E Sharif

METT-TC – Mission, Enemy, Terrain and Weather, Troops and Support Available, Time Available, Civil Considerations.

MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit

MFR – Memorandum for Record

MG – Major General (US Army)

MGen – Major General (USMC)

MHAT – Mental Health Assessment Team

MHC – Ministry of Housing and Construction 

MI – mile; miles; Military Intelligence

MIA – Missing In Action

MIF – maritime interception force

MIL- Group -  Military Group 

MILDEC - military deception

MILDEC – military deception

MIM – Ministry of Industry & Minerals

MIO – maritime interception operations

MIST – military information support team

MIT – mobile interrogation team

MiTT -  Military Training Team

MiTT - Military Training Team

MiTT – Military Transition Team (See MTT, MAT)

MLC – multi-national logistics center; maximum load capacity (for aircraft cargo)

MLCOA – most likely COA (see MDCOA)

MLRS – multiple launch rocket system

MLT – Military Liaison Team 

MM -  Muqtada Militia

MM – Muqtada Militia; millimeter

MMBJ – mobile multi-band jammer (Warlock)

MMG – Medium Machine Gun 

MNB – multi-national brigade

MNB-NW – Multi-National Brigade – North-West (formerly MNB-N, or MNB-North)

MNC-I or MNCI - Multi-National Corps - Iraq

MND – multi-national division (MSCs within Iraq with specific areas of responsibility)

MND-B – MND-Baghdad (US Army)

MND-CS – MND-Center-South (Coalition, POL)

MND-NC – MND-Center-North (US Army)

MND-NE – MND-North-East (Coalition, ROK)

MND-SE – MND-South-East (Coalition, GBR)

MNF – multi-national forces

MNF-I or MNFI - Multi-National Forces - Iraq


MNSTC-I – Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq

MOA  - Military operations area

MOA – Ministry of Agriculture 

MOC – Ministry Of Culture

MoD – Minister/Ministry of Defense

MOE – measures of effectiveness

MoE – Minister/Ministry of Education; Minister/Ministry of Electricity

MOFA – Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

MOG – Maximum (aircraft) on Ground

MoH – Minister/Ministry of Health

MOI -  Ministry of the Interior

MoI – Minister/Ministry of Interior

MoIS or MOIS – Ministry of Intelligence and Security (Iran)

MON, Mon – Monday

MOO – Ministry Of Oil

MOOTW – military operations other than war

MOPP – Mission Oriented Protective Posture

MORAD – Ministry of Reconstruction and Development 

MOS – Military Occupational Specialty (Army)

MOSD – Ministry of Security and Defense 

MOT – Military Observer Team/ Ministry of Trade/ Ministry of Transportation

MOUT – military operations in urban terrain

MOY – Ministry Of Youth

MP – military police; mounted patrol; Members of Parliament

MPCOA – Most Probable Course of Action 

MPDS – Multi Purpose Decontamination System 

MPSA – Mosul Public Safety Academy

MRF – Mobile Reaction Force

MRR – maintenance readiness report

MSB – Major Support Battalion

MSC – major subordinate command; Major Supporting Command

MSE – Mobile subscriber Equipment

MSL – Mean Sea Level

MSPF – Marine Special Purpose Force

MSR - main supply route (see ASR); mission success rate

MTF – more to follow

MTFA  - Maintenance test flight area

MTG - Meeting

MTI  - Mobile Target Interdiction 

MTN – mountain (ex: 2-10 MTN DIV)

MTOE – Modified Table of Organization and Equipment 

MTR – mortar

MTT – Military Transition Team (see MAT)

MTW – major theater war

MUC – Muslim Ulema Council

MUREP – munitions report

Mw or MW – megawatt

MWD – Military Working Dog

MWR – Morale, Welfare & Recreation

MWS – Missile Warning System 

MYA  - Muslim Youth Association 

N – North

NAC – National Administrative Council 

NAC – Neighborhood Advisory Council (see DAC)

NAG – Northern Arabian Gulf

NAI – named area of interest

NAIC – National Air Intelligence Center

NASD – National Association of Securities Dealers 

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVCENT – U.S. Naval Central Command

NAVFOR – Naval Forces

NBC – Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical

NBD – Non Battle Death

NBI – Non Battle Injury

NCA – National Command Authority

NCIS – Navy Criminal Investigative Service

NCO – non-commissioned officer (see SNCO)

NE – Northeast

NEO – Non- Combatant Evacuation Operations 

NERU – National Emergency Response Unit

NETOPS – Network Operations

NEU – neutral (personnel)

NEW – Net Explosive Weight 

NFA – no-fire area

NFI – No Further Information

NFIA – no further information available

NFTR – Nothing Further to Report 

NFZ – no-fly zone

NGA – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

NGO – non-governmental organization

NIA – New Iraqi Army

NICC – National Interdiction Command and Control

NID – New Iraqi Dinar

NIDE – No Injuries or Damage to Equipment 

NIE – national intelligence estimate

NIMA – National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIPRNET – Non-Secure Internet Protocol Network

NKIA – national (Iraqi) killed in action

NLT – non-life threatening (injury); Not Later Than

NM – nautical mile

NMAA – National Mine Action Authority

NMC – Not Mission Capable 

NMR – News Media Representative

NNFZ – Northern no-fly zone

NOC – North(ern) Oil Company (Iraqi)

NOTAMS – Notices to airmen

NOV, Nov – November

NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council 

NRT – near real-time

NSDC – National Storage and Distribution Center

NSI – no serious injuries; non-serious injury

NSTR – nothing significant to report; no status to report; No Situation To Report

NSWTU – naval special warfare … unit

NTE – Not to Exceed

NTIM-I – NATO Training Implementation Mission - Iraq

NTR – nothing to report

NTV – non-tactical vehicle

NVG – night vision goggles

NWIA – national (Iraqi) wounded in action

NZL – New Zealand (country code)

O&I – Operations and Intelligence

O&M – operations and maintenance

o/a – on or about (approximately)

O/O or o/o – on oders

OBC – Operational Control Element 

OBE – Overcome By Events 

OCA – Original Classification Authority

OCHA – Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

OCPA – Office of Coalition Provisional Authority

OCT, Oct - October

ODA – (CJSOTF) operational detachment alpha

ODB – (CJSOTF) operational detachment bravo

ODCG-DO – Office of the Commanding General for Detention Operations


OFDA – Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance 

OHDACA – Overseas Humanitarian Disaster and Civic Aid

OHDACR – Overseas Humanitarian Disaster and Civic Relief

OIC – Organization of the Islamic Conference


OJT – On the Job Training

OKBK – Kuwait City International Airport

OMA - other military agencies

OMC-A – Office of Military Cooperation – Afghanistan 

OMC-I – Office of Military Cooperation – Iraq

OMC-K – Office of Military Cooperation – Kuwait 

OMC-P – Office of Military Cooperation – Pakistan 

OMN – Oman (country code) 

OMO – other military operations

OMS – Office of Martyr Sadr (Basrah)

OMT – operational management team

ONS - operational need statement

ONS – Operational Needs Statement


OP – observation post; operation

OPB – Operational Preparation of the Battlefield 

OPC – Oil Pipeline Company 

OPCC – Operations Planning Coordination Cell

OPCON – operational control 

OPG – Operational Planning Group

OPLAN – Operations Plan

OPORD – operations order

OPRES – operational reserve

OPS, Ops - operations

OPSEC – operational security

OPT – operations planning team

OPWG – Operational Protection Working Group

ORA – Other Related Agencies 

ORD – Ordnance 

ORSA – Operations Research/Systems Analysis

OSC – Office of Security Cooperation (now MNSTC-I)

OSD – Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSG – Operational Support Group 

OSINT – open source intelligence


OSWG – Operational Sustainment Working Group

OTV – outer tactical vest


P –  purpose

P3 – Police Partnership Program

P3P – Police Partnership Program- Provincial 

P3R – Police Partnership Program- Reconstruction 

PA - pay agent

PA – Public Affairs, Paying Agent

PACE – primary/alternate/contingency- /emergency (plan)

PAG – Public Affairs Guidance

PAH - Position area hazard

PAI – personnel asset inventory

PAK – Pakistan (country code)

PAO – public affairs office/Officer

PAT – Police Assistance Team/ Provincial Advisory Team 

PAX – Passengers

PBA – Post Blast Analysis

PBO – Property Book Officer

PC – Provincial Council

PCI – Pre-Combat Inspections 

PCMOC – Provincial Civil Military Affairs Center

PCO – Project and Contracting Office


PDD – (PSYOP) Product Development Detachment

PDF – Pozzuolo del Friuli (Italian bridage)

PDHA - post deployment health assessment

PDHA – post-deployment health assessment

PDS – public distribution system

PDSS – pre-deployment site survey

PER – personnel

PERS - personnel

PGM – precision guided missile; precision guided munitions

PHC – passive HUMINT collection/ Public Health Center

PID – positive identification; Plan Identification Number

PIED – Potential Improvised Explosive Device

PIN – Personal Identification Number

PINF – People In Need Foundation 

PIO – Public Information Officer

PIR – priority intelligence requirements

PIV – physical inventory inspection

PJCC – provincial joint command center; Primary Joint Coordination Center

PKK – Kurdistan’s Worker’s Party

PKZ – Pascha Khan Zadran 

PLANORD – planning order

PLT – platoon

PM – Prime Minister; Provost Marshall

PMC – Partially Mission Capable

PMCS – Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services

PME – Political/Military/Economic (MNF-I); professional military education; peacetime military engagements

PMO – Program Management Office; Provost Marshall’s Office

POB - Public Order Battalion (ISF, part of CIF; large-scale riot control force) (see SPR) 

POC – point of contact

POE – Point of Entry

POI -  Point of Impact

POI – program of instruction; point of impact

POInT – Power, Oil, Infrastructure Team 

POL/MIL/STRAT – Political/Military/Strategic

POLAD – political advisor

POO -  Point of Origin

POO – point of origin

POP – Proof of Principle (see PAT/PTT)

POTUS – President of the United States

PPO – Project Payment Officer

PPO – Project Purchasing Officer

PPP – Police Partnership Program 

PPT – pilot proficiency training; (Microsoft) PowerPoint

PRC – Populace and Resource Control 

PRT – Provincial Reconstruction Teams 

PSA – public service announcement

PSC – provincial security meeting

PSD – personal security detachment

PSE – Policy, Strategy, Engagement/ PSYOPS Support Element 

PSLT – provisional support liaison team

PSYOP – psychological operations (US Army)

PSYOPS – psychological operations (USAF, USMC, US Navy, Coalition Forces)

PTDO – Prepare to Deploy Order

PTDS – Persistent Threat Detection System

PTL – patrol

PTT - Police Training Team

PTT – Police Transition Team/ Push to Talk 

PUC – Person Under Control/ Person Under Custody 

PUK -  Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

PVO – private voluntary organization

PWC – name of contractor delivering rations to DFACs (full name is PWC Logistics)

PZ – Pickup Zone 

QAT – Qatar (country code)

QJBR – Qa’idat Al-Jihad Fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn, AMZ organization

QRF – quick reaction force

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