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1/12 GLOSSARY H to L

HA – humanitarian assistance

HACC – Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center

HAF – Helicopter Assault Force

HAHO – High Altitude High Opening 

HAJJ – Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia 

HALO – High Altitude Low Opening 

HAR – Helicopter Air Refueling 

HAST – Humanitarian Assistance Survey Team 

HAT – HAZMAT Assessment Team/ Hazb al-Takrir al-Islami

HAV – heavily armored vehicle

HAZCON – Hazardous Condition

HAZMAT – Hazardous Materials


HC – cargo helicopter

HCA – humanitarian civil affairs

HDBT – hard and deeply buried target

HDR – humanitarian daily ration

HE – high explosive

HEAT – high-explosive anti-tank

helo - helicopter

HET – heavy equipment transporter; human exploitation team (USMC); HUMINT Exploitation Team

HEV - Hardened Engineer Vehicle (USMC) (10-seat, 4x4 or 16-seat, 6x6 Cougar)

HF – High Frequency

HG - Hand Grenade

HH – general-purpose helicopter

HIG – Hezb e-islamic Gulbhuddin (Hekmatyer)

HIR – Hostile Incident Report 

HMG – Heavy Machine Gun 

HMMWV – highly-mobile, medium-weight vehicle (M-113)

HN – host nation

HNS – host nation support

HOA – Horn of Africa 

HOC – humanitarian operations center

HPAC – Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability 

HPG – helicopter procedure guide

HPT – High-Payoff Target

HPTL – High-Payoff Target List

HQ – headquarters

HRC – High Risk of Capture 

HRIC – Helmand River Insurgent Complex

HSS – health service support

HTB – Hostile Taliban 

HUMINT – human intelligence

HVI – High Value Individual 

HVT, HVTS – high-value target(s)

I MEF – 1st Marine Expeditionary Force

I&W – indications and warnings

I2R – imaging infrared

IA – Information Assurance; Iraqi Army/Inter-Agency 

IA - Iraqi Army

IAC – International Assistance Center/Iraq Assistance Center 

IACC – international Assistance Coordination Center

IAD – Immediate Action Drills/ Integrated Air Defense 

IADS – integrated air defense systems

IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency

IAF – Iraqi armed forces; Iraqi Air Force; Islamic Army of Iraq (terrorists)

IAG (P) – Iraqi Assistance Group (Provisional)

IAI - Islamic Army of Iraq

IANM – Information Assurance Network Manger

IAO – Information Assurance Officer

IASD – Iraqi Association of Securities Dealers 

IASO – Information Assurance Security Officer

IATT – Iraqi army training team

IAVA – Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert

IAW – in accordance with

IAWG – Interagency Working Group

IBA – interceptor body armor

IBOS - Intelligence battlefield operating system

IBP – Iraqi border patrol/Iraqi Border Police

ICAM – Improvised Chemical Agent Monitor

ICBM – intercontinental ballistic missile

ICDC - Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (now ING)

ICDF – Iraqi Coastal Defense Force

ICE – Iraqi Corps of Engineers

ICRC – International Committee of Red Cross

ICTF – Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force (ISF)

ICW – in coordination with

ID – Iraqi dinar (ex. – 104 million ID); infantry division

IDAD – Internal Defense and Development 

IDC – Information dominance Center

IDF - indirect fire; Iraqi Defense Force

IDFSR - Indirect Fire Strike Report 

IDM – International Organization for Migration 

IDMT – Information Dissemination Management – Tactical 

IDO – information dissemination operations (team)

IDP – indigenous displaced personnel/Internally Displaced Persons 

IEBJ – Import and Export Bank of Jordan 

IEC – Iraqi Election Committee; Independent Electoral Commission

IECI – Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq

IED – improvised explosive device

IEDI – Independent Elections Committee - Iraq

IEDT – Iraqi Engineering Development Team

IEG – Iraqi Economic Governance

IF - Indirect Fire

IFC – intelligence fusion center

IFE – In Flight Emergency 

IFEST – Iraqi Forward Engineering Support Team

IFF –  Identification of Friend or Foe 

IGC – Iraqi Governing Council (see IIG)

IGFC – Iraqi government 

IGFC - Iraqi ground forces command

IGK – Islamic Group of Kurdistan 

IHP – Iraqi Highway Patrol (ISF)

II MEF – 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force

IIF – Iraqi Intervention Force (see IPS)

IIG – Interim Iraqi Government (see IGC)

IIP - Iraqi Islamic Party

IIP – Iraqi Islamic Party

IIR – Initial Impressions Report

IISR – Intrusive Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance 

IL-76 – Russian-made airlift plane (equivalent to U.S. C-141 Starlifter)

IM – Information Management

IMC – International Medical Corps 

IMEF – I Marine Expeditionary Force

IMINT – imagery intelligence

IMK – Islamic Movement of Kurdistan 

IMN – Iraqi Media Network

IMO – Information Management Officer

IMOJ – Iraqi Ministry Of Justice

IMOT – Iraqi Ministry of Transportation 

IMPACS – Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society

IMU – Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan 

IN – Infantry

IN – infantry; intelligence

INA – Iraqi National Assembly

INC – Iraqi National Congress; Iraqi National Conference; Interim National Council

IND – India ( country code) 

INF – infantry 

INFOCON – information condition; Information Operations Conditions

INFOSYS – Information Systems

ING - Iraqi National Guard

INIS – Iraqi National Intelligence Service

INJ - injured

INPC – Iraqi National Power Company

INSCOM – Intelligence and Security Command

INSCOM – United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

INT’L – international

INTEL, Intel – intelligence

INTF – Iraqi National Task Force

IO – information operations (info ops)

IO/CA – IO/civil affairs (patrol)

IOC – initial operational capability

IOM – International Organization for Migration 

IOT – in order to

IOTA - … (survey)

IOTAC - Information Operations Threat Analysis Center (AIA)

IOVAT – Information Operations Vulnerability Assessment Team

IOWG – information operations working group

IP – Iraqi Police; Internet Protocol

IPA – international police advisor; Iraqi Port Authority

IPAO – in-provisional action officer

IPB – intelligence preparation of the battlefield 

IPE – Information Preparation of the Environment

IPIP – International Public Information Program

IPLO – International Police Liaison Officer

IPR – In Progress Review 

IPRF – Iraqi Property reconciliation Facility 

IPS -  Iraqi Police Services

IPS - Iraqi police service

IPS – Iraqi Police Service

IPT – Islamic Party of Turkmenistan

IPW – Interrogation, Prisoner of War

IR – 6100 Infrared (IR) Satellite

IR – Information Requirement

IRAQ JHQ – Iraq Joint Headquarters 

IRC – International Red Cross

IRCS – Iraqi Red Crescent Society 

IRD – International Relief and Development 

IRGC - Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran)

IRMO – Iraqi Reconstruction Management Office

IRN – Iran (country code)

IRPS – Iraqi Riverine Patrol … (see RPD)

IRQ – Iraq (country code)

IRR – Iraqi Republican Railways

IRRF – Iraqi Relief & Reconstruction Fund

IRT – in regards to; in relation to

IO - information operation

IS – Information System

ISAF – International Security Assistance Force

ISB – Intermediate Staging Base

ISE – Intelligence Support Element 

ISF -  Iraqi Security Forces

ISF - Iraqi Security Forces

ISG – Iraq Survey Group (U.S.)

ISM – Information System Manager

ISO – in support of

ISOF – Iraqi Special Operations Forces

ISR – Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

IST – Iraqi Special Tribunal

ISTAR – intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance

ITA – Italy (country code)

ITC – Iraqi Transitional Council (see ITG)

ITG -  Iraqi Transitional Government

ITG – Iraqi Transitional Government (see ITC); Iraqi Transitional Group

ITO – Iraqi theater of operation

ITO – Iraqi theater of operations

ITOC – Iraqi Theater Operations Center

ITPC – Iraq Telephone and Postal Commission 

IVO - in vicinity of

IZ – Iraqi National; International Zone (formally the Green Zone)

IZR -  Iraqi Rejectionists (formerly SAR & SE)

JA/ATT – Joint Airborne/Air Transportability Training

JAG – judge advocate general

JAN, Jan – January

JARB – Joint Acquisition Review Board 

JAS – Jaysh al Mahdi (Mahdi Army/ Militia)

JASG-C – Joint Area Support Group – Central

JBCC – Joint Border Coordination Center

JCC -  Joint Coordination Center

JCCC – joint communications command center

JCCIMT – Joint Combat Camera Imagery Management Team 

JCCTS – joint combat camera transmission system

JCET – Joint Combined Exchanges for Training 

JCMA – joint COMSEC monitoring activity

JCMEB – Joint Civil Military Engineer Board

JCMEC -Joint Captured Munitions Exploitation Cell

JCMOTF – Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force

JCS – Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSE – Joint Communication Support Element

JDAM – Joint Direct-Attack Munitions

JDEC-B – Joint Document Exploitation Center – Baghdad

JDIC – Joint Defense Intelligence Center

JDLM – joint deployment logistics model

JFACC – Joint Forces Air Component Commander

JFC – Joint Force Commander

JFCCNW – Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare

JFLCC – Joint Forces Land Component Commander

JFMCC – Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander

JFSOCC – Joint Forces Special Operations Component Commander

JFUB – Joint Facilities Utilization Board 

JHQ – joint headquarters

JIACG – Joint Inter-Agency Coordination Group

JIATF-FRE – Joint Inter-Agency Task Force – Former Regime Elements

JIC – Joint Information Center

JIDC – Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center

JIEDDTF – Joint Improvised Explosive Device Detect Task Force

JIOC VAT - joint information operations center vulnerability assessment team

JMC – Joint Mobility Command 

JMD – joint manning document

JOA – joint operations area

JOC – joint operations center

JOPES – Joint Operation Planning & Execution System

JOR – Jordan (country code)

JOS – Joint Operational Stocks 

JP – Joint Publications

JPAS – Joint Precision Airdrop System

JPG – Joint Planning Group

JPOTF – Joint Psychological Operations Task Force

JRA – Joint Rear Area

JRFL – Joint Restricted Frequency List

JRT – Joint Regional Team 

JSC – Joint Spectrum Center

JSCAP – Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan 

JSCP – Joint Security Capabilities Plan

JSEAD – Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

JSEP – Joint Strategic Engagement Plan

JSOA – Joint Special Operations Area 

JSOAC – Joint Special Operations Air Component 

JSOD_A – Joint Special Operations Detachment A

JSOTF – Joint Special Operations Task Force

JSPS – Joint Strategic Planning System

JSTAR – Joint System Threat Assessment Report

JSTARS – Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JTAC – Joint Tactical Air Control 

JTF – joint task force

JTF-CS – Joint Task Force – Civil Support

JTOT – Joint Technical Operations Team

JUL, Jul - July

JUN, Jun – June

JUO – joint urban operations

JVB – Joint Visitors Bureau

JWAC – Joint Warfighting Analysis Center

JWARN  - Joint Warning And Reporting 

JWICS – Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

K – thousand (ex:  $70K = $70,000)

K-2 – Karshi-Khanabad

KAF – Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan 

KAZ – Kazakhstan (country code)

KBL -  Kirkuk Brotherhood List

KBR – Kellogg, Brown, & Root (contractor)

KDC – Kurdistan Development Corporation 

KDP -  Kurdistan Democratic Party

KDP – Kurdish Democratic Party

KDSP – Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party (Peshmerga)

KEN – Kenya (country code)

KGL - Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Co.

KGZ – Kyrgyzstan (country code)

KIA - killed in action

KIMP – Knowledge Information Management Plan

KIU - Kurdistan Islamic Union

KM, km – kilometer

KMTB - Kirkush Military Training Base

KMTB – Kirkush military training base

KNMB – Kabul Multi-National Brigade, Afghanistan 

KOMA – Kurdistan Organization for Mine Awareness 

KRAB – Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq

KRG – Kurdish Regional Government

KSA – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

KSC – Kurdistan Save the Children 

Kv or KV– kilovolt (i.e., kilowatt or Kw)

KWT – Kuwait (country code)

KYR – Kyrgyzstan

L&O – Law and Order

LAAD – low-altitude air defense

LACM – low-altitude cruise missile

LAD – latest arrival date

LAN – Local Area Network

LATAM – Latin American

LBN – Lebanon (country code)

LBV – load-bearing vest

LBY – Libya (country code)

LCMR – Light counter mortar radar

LCMR – lightweight counter-mortar radar

LCR – light cavalry regiment; Light Combat Regiment

LEA – law enforcement agency

LEP – locally employed personnel

LES – Leave Earnings Statement

LFX – Live Firing Exercise

LGB – laser-guided bomb

LGen – Lieutenant General (USMC)

LGP – Local Governance Program 

LIMDIS – limited distribution

LLSO – Low Level Source Operations 

LLVI – Low Level Voice Intercept

LN – local national

LNO - liaison officer; Logistics and Operations

LOA – letter of authority

LOAC – law of armed conflict

LOC – line of communication

LOC – Line of Communications

LOG, Log – logistics

LOGSTAR – logistics status report

LOJ - letter of justification

LOS – line of sight

LP – L… Propane

LPG – L… Propane Gas

LRAD – long-range acoustic device

LRAD3- Long Range Advance Scout Surveillance System

LRMC – Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

LRP – long-range planning

LRS – Long Range Surveillance

LRSD – Long Range Surveillance Detachment 

LRT – Logistics Readiness Team 

LSA – Life Support Area, Logistics Support Area

LSAA - LSA Anaconda

Lt Col – Lieutenant Colonel (USAF)

Lt Gen – Lieutenant General (USAF)

LTC – Lieutenant Colonel (US Army)

LtCol – Lieutenant Colonel (USMC)

LTF – Logistics Task Force 

LTG – Lieutenant General (US Army)

LU – Litter Urgent

LVRS – Lightweight Video Reconnaissance System 

LZ – Landing Zone

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