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1/12 GLOSSARY D to G

DA – Department of the Army

DAC – District Advisory Council (see NAC)

DAI – Development Alternatives, Inc

DAMO – Division Automation Management Office

DAO –Defense Attaché  Office/Division Ammunition Office / Division Aviation Office

DAP – Deltoid Auxiliary Protector (IBA)

DART – Disaster Assistance Response Team, Downed aircraft recovery team

DATT – Defense Attaché 

DBE – Department of Border Enforcement

DBS - Drive-By Shooting

DC – dislocated civilian

DCAA – Dislocated Civilian Assembly Area

DCDR – deputy commander

DCG – deputy commanding general

DCG-DO – Deputy Commanding General for Detention Operations

DCI – Director of Central Intelligence

DCID – Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DCO – Deputy Chief of Operations

DCS, DCOS – Deputy Chief of Staff

DCSA – Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army

DCSCIS – Deputy Chief of Staff, Command Information Systems

DCSINT – Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence

DCSIO – Deputy Chief of Staff, Information Operations

DCSLOG – Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics

DCSOPS – Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations

DCSPER – Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel

DCSRM – Deputy Chief of Staff, Resource Management

DCU- Desert Camouflage Uniform 

DDR – Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

DEC, Dec – December

DET – Detachment

DEU – Deutschland/ Germany (country code)

DF - Direct Fire

DFAC – dining facility

DFID – Department for International Development 

DG – district governor

DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency

DIRLAUTH – Direct Liaison Authorized

DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency

DISN – Defense Information Systems Network

DIV – division

DJI – Djibouti (country code)

DJTFAC – Deployable Joint Task Force Augmentation Cell

DMPI – Designated Mean point of Impact 

DMS – Defense Messaging System

DMT – Deployable Management Team

DNA – Defense Nuclear Agency

DNBI – disease non-battle injury

DNS – Domain Name Server

DNSS – Djiboutian National Security Service

DNVT – Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal

DOA – Dead On Arrival

DOCEX – document exploitation

DoD or DOD – Department of Defense

DODD – Department of Defense Directive

DODDIP – Department of Defense Intelligence Production Program

DoDIIS – Department of Defense Intelligence Information System

DOE – Department of Energy (U.S)

DOJ – Department of Justice (U.S)

DOS, DoS – Department of State (U.S.)

DOT – Deployment Operations Team

DOW – died of wounds

DPE – Department Of Border Enforcement

DPRE – displaced persons, refugees, and evacuees

DPS – Dignitary Protection Service (ISF unit under MoI that protects PM, Deputy, Pres, & 2 Vice-Pres)

DPSE – division PSYOP support element (see CPSE)


DRI – date required in-place

DRMS – Defense Reutilization Marketing Service

DRSN – Defense Red Switch Network

DS – direct support

DSB - Dismounted Suicide Bombing

DSCA – Defense Security Cooperation Agency

DSCS – Defense Satellite Communications System

DSM – Decision Support Matrix

DSN – Defense Switch Network

DSO – Deception Staff Officer

DTG – Date-Time Group

DTRG – Defense Threat Reduction Group/ Defense Threat response Group 

DTU – daily tactical update (FRAGO)

DUIC – Durative Unit Identification Code

DV – Distinguished Visitor

DVIDS - Digital Video Imagery Distribution System

E – East

EA – electronic attack

EA-6B – ‘Prowler’ EW aircraft (U.S. Navy)

EAB - Echelons above

EAC – Echelons Above Corps

EAD – echelon above division; earliest arrival date; Earliest Departure Date

EAP – emergency action plan

EBP – Effects Based Planning

ECD – estimated completion date

ECHO  - European Community Humanitarian Office 

ECP – Entry Control Point 

EDD – estimated departure date

EDF – Explosive Formed Device

EEFI – essential elements of friendly information

EEI – essential elements of information

EET – Embedded Trainer Team (with the ANA)

EFP - Explosively Formed Penetrators

EGY – Egypt ( country code) 

EKIA - enemy killed in action

EMI – Electromagnetic Interference

EMP – electromagnetic pulse

EMSI – Education management Information System 

EN – engineer; engineering

ENCOORD – Engineer Coordinator

ENG – engineer; engineering; Electronic News Gathering

ENMDCOA – Enemy Most Definite Course Of Action 

EO – Electro optical satellite

EOB – enemy order of battle

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOD – explosive ordnance disposal (team)

EOF – Escalation of Force

EP – electronic protection

EPAF – European Partners Air Force


EPW – enemy prisoners of war

ERU - Emergency Response Unit (ISF’s national SWAT team)

ES – electronic warfare support

ESAC – Enhanced Security Assurance Concept

ESA-IZ –Equipment Support Activity – Iraq

ESAPI – Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts

ESB – enhanced Separate Brigade

ESB – expeditionary support base (USMC), Effects Synchronization Board

ESD – Executive Services Division

ESG – Expeditionary Strike Group 

ESM – Effects Synchronization Matrix

ESU – Emergency Special Unit ( 300 person component of the Kirkuk Police)

ETH  - Ethiopia ( country code)

EW – early warning, electronic warfare

EWO – Electronic Warfare Officer

EXP – Explosively Formed Projectile

EXSUM – Executive Summary

F – fighter

F/A – fighter/attack (aircraft)

F/A-18 – ‘Hornet’ aircraft (U.S. Navy)

FA – field artillery; forward area

FAM - Familiarization

FANS – friendly/allied nation support

FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization 

FAQ – frequently asked question

FARP – Forward Area Refueling Point

FARRP – Forward Area Refueling Refit Point

FASCAM – Family of Scatterable Mines

FB – Fire Base (conventional term)

FBIS – Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FCE – forward control element

FCF - Functional Check Flight

FCO – Foreign & Commonwealth Officer (British)

FCP – Fire Control Point

FDLP – field deck landing plan

FDPMU – Forward Deployed Preventative Medicine Unit

FEB, Feb – February

FECC – Fires & Effect Coordination Cell

FEST – Foreign Emergency Support Team 


FF - Foreign Fighters

FF – foreign fighters

FFA – Force Field Artillery

FFIF – Free Iraqi Freedom Fighters

FFIR – Friendly Forces Information Requirements

FFP – Food For Peace

FFP – fortified fighting position

FHA – foreign Humanitarian Assistance

FHM – flight hazard map

FHP – Force Health Protection 

FHT – Field HUMINT Team (UK)

FID – Foreign Internal Defense

FIDP – Foreign Internal Defense Plan

FIF – free Iraqi forces

FKIA – friendly killed in action

FLA – Field Litter Ambulance

FLOT – forward line of troops

FM – foreign minister; field manual; Force Module; Frequency Modulated

FMC – fully mission capable

FMD – Foot and Mouth Disease 

FMO – Frequency Management Office; Facility Maintenance Office/ Former Military Officers

FNS – foreign national support

FO – Forward Observer 

FOB - Forward Operating Base

FOB - forward-operating base

FOC – forward operations center; fully operational capability

FOD – Foreign Object Damage 

FOL – Family of Loudspeakers

FOO - field ordering officer

FOO – Field Ordering Officer

FORSCOM – U.S. Army Forces Command

FOUO – For Official Use Only

FP – Force Protection

FPCON – force protection condition

FPP – force protection posture

FPS – Facilities Protection Service

FRA – France (country code)

FRAGO - fragmentary order

FRE – former regime element

FRI, Fri – Friday

FRiTT – FOB Realignment Iraqi Transition Team 

FRL – former regime loyalists

FSB – forward support battalion

FSCOORD – Fire Support Coordinator

FSD – Field Support Detachment/Division, IO

FSDS – Fixed Site Decontamination System 

FSE – forward support element

FST – forward surgical team; Field Support Team (IO)

FTCP – f

FTX – Field Training Exercise

FUOPS – future operations

FWD – forward

FWIA – friendly wounded in action

FYA – for your action

FYI – for you information

FYSA – for your situational awareness

GAC – Ground Armored Convoy 

GAF – Ground Assault Force

GAS – Grand Ayatollah Sistani

GAT – ground attack training

GBR – ground-based radar; Great Britain

GBS – Global Broadcast System

GBU – guided bomb unit (i.e., GBU-12)

GBU-12 – 500-lb bomb (US)

GBU-31 – 2,000-lb JDAM bomb (US)

GBU-32 – 1,000-lb JDAM bomb (US)

GBU-38 – 500-lb JDAM bomb

GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council

GCCS – Global Command and Control System

GCCS-A – Global Command and Communications System

GCD – Government Communications Directorate - MoI

GCIA – Governance Quality Indicator Assessments 

GCTF – global coalition task force/Global Counter Terrorism Force

GEC – Government and Elections Cell

GHQ- general headquarters 

GIA – Greater Iraqi Army

GIC – government information center

GIST - Geospatial intelligence support team

GMV – Ground Mobility Vehicle

GOSP – Gas-Oil Separation Plants 

GPF – General Purpose Forces 

GPO – Government Printing Office

GPR – ground penetrating radar

GPR – ground penetrating radar

GRD – ground, Gulf Regional Division

Green Forces – Iraqi (ISF, ING, etc.) forces

 Great American - RSM

GRN  - Gulf Region North 

GRP - Group

GRS – Gulf Region Southern District, USACE

GS – general support

GSAIE – Global Struggle Against Ideological Extremism 

GSW – Gun Shot Wound

GUFS – General Union of Farming Societies 

GWOT – global war on terrorism

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