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Civil-Military Operations (CMO) Charts


CMO Disbursements

From November 2006 – September 2007 at total of $7,380,683.28 was spent on CMO projects in Baqubah.  Out of that figure, $5,601,431.00 or 76% was spent by 1-12 CAV.  This averages to $509,221.00 spent by 1-12 CAV per month.


The high and low month was the same for both 1-12 CAV and for all other forces in terms of CMO disbursements in Baqubah.  This suggests that conditions for CMO operations were fairly even across the city, either the conditions were favorable or unfavorable across the entire city at the same time. 


During the high month of August a total of $1,765,688.00 was spent on CMO projects and this month correlates with first month after the major clearing phase of OPERATION ARROWHEAD RIPPER and a steep drop-off in SIGACTS.  During the low month of January only $100,917.00 was spent on CMO projects.  This month correlates with both a high in enemy activity and a low in the number of coalition forces in Baqubah.


During this same timeframe 1-12 CAV spent a total of $7,303,853.43 on projects, 77% of this total was spent in Baqubah.  The majority of the remaining $1,702,422.43 was spent on projects in the nearby city of Khalis.  Note that during the last three months of this reporting period (July, August, and September); 1-12 CAV did not spend CMO money in any location other than in Baqubah.

Number of Projects


From November 2006 – September 2007 1-12 CAV conducted 169 CMO projects in Baqubah and a total of 186 CMO projects overall.  The total number of projects by all coalition forces in Baqubah during this time period was 300, 1-12 CAV contributed to 56% of the total number of CMO projects in Baqubah.


The high month for number of projects was August, the same as the high month for amount of disbursements.  During this month 1-12 CAV conducted 38 CMO projects out of a total of 59 projects conducted in Baqubah during that month.  Note that since mid-June there has been at least one other battalion conducting CMO operations in Baqubah, 5-20 IN is not included in this start date due to that battalion initially conducting major clearing operations for the first four months after arrival in the city in late March.  The month of August was the first month after the major clearing operations portion of OPERATION ARROWHEAD RIPPER and was accompanied by a steep drop-off in SIGACTS.  This suggests that the conditions were set for an increased quantity and quality of CMO projects.


The low month was November 2006 with only three projects conducted in Baqubah by 1-12 CAV and only six projects in the city overall.  This is different from the disbursement low of January, possibly due to a few large projects in November.  As enemy activity increased it is likely that a higher number of smaller projects were conducted due to security concerns.  This correlates with anecdotal evidence that it has been easier to initiate large scale development projects in the last few months, as opposed to relatively simple HA drops or CMEs.

1-12 cmo chart1.gif

Note: 1-12 CAV projects were determined to be projects with a fund source of 1-12 CAV Commander’s Emergency Relief Program (CERP) Funds or Separate PR&C Funds.  There were only a handful of small projects that utilized Separate PR&C Funds in Khalis and Baqubah that were not conducted by 1-12 CAV.


Note: All projects with a start date and a disbursement are included in the charts and tables above, these projects may or may not be in-progress or complete.  Projects without a disbursement are not included due to the fact that projects being planned have not yet materially affected the local economy.

1-12 cmo chart2.gif
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