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Casualties Charts


From November 2006 – September 2007 1-12 CAV suffered the loss of 28 soldiers killed-in-action (KIA) and 132 soldiers wounded-in-action (WIA) as of 7OCT07.  The additional two soldiers WIA, as compared to the table below, are due to one soldier WIA on 31OCT06 and another soldier WIA on 1OCT07.


Prior to the arrival of the first reinforcements beginning major combat operations in Baqubah at the end of March, 1-12 CAV was averaging slightly more than one soldier KIA per week and slightly more than 14 soldiers WIA per week.  In reference to the task organization section of this unit history, note that B/6-9 RSTA reinforced 1-12 CAV in Khan Bani Sa’ad and 5-73 RSTA reinforced 1-12 CAV in the Diyala River Valley prior to the deployment of the 5-20 IN battalion in Baqubah proper.  During this time 1-12 CAV suffered a high of 9 soldiers KIA in February and a high of 23 soldiers WIA in December.


By comparison, in the 3 ½ months following the start of OPERATION ARROWHEAD RIPPER (19JUN07-31SEP07) 1-12 CAV has only lost one soldier KIA and sustained 31 soldiers WIA.  The months of July, August, and September were low points in terms of KIA, all with zero.  July was the low month for WIA with only 4.


Note that in the two charts and one table below, there is no distinction made between the different categories of WIA, i.e. RTD versus those WIA soldiers requiring additional treatment outside of FOB WARHORSE.

Casualty Chart 1.gif
Casulaty Chart 2.gif
Casualty Chart 3.gif
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