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Battle Losses

From November 2006 – September 2007 1-12 CAV lost a total of 83 vehicles which were either completely destroyed or sufficiently damaged such that they were not repairable at either FOB WARHORSE or LSA-ANACONDA.  This averages to 7.5 vehicles per month or two per week.  Sixty (60) of these battle losses were heavily armored Bradley Fighting Vehicles (M2A2 & M2A3) and Abrams tanks (M1A2SEP).


There were two high months, April and June, 16 vehicles were destroyed in each of those two months.  The high in June was followed by the deployment low of zero battle losses in July.  September was a close second with only one vehicle destroyed during that month.


These numbers do not include vehicles that required recovery assets to be exfiled from the battlefield, but that could be repaired at FOB WARHORSE by contract maintenance personnel (MANTECH).  Many destroyed Buffaloes and RG-31s fall into this category; therefore, these numbers will be slightly lower than the number of disabled vehicles requiring recovery when compared to TOC logs showing the number of times recovery operations were conducted.  These numbers are also lower than the total number of destroyed vehicles for Baqubah, as only 1-12 CAV battle losses have been included, battle losses of  attachments and of other units operating in the city are not included in either the chart or the table below.

1-12 battle losses 1.gif
1-12 battle losses 2.gif
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