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that transcends most relationships

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21 September 2021

Greetings from COL Dingeman and Sylvia,

We are heading into some cooler weather; we hope all have made it through the stormy season and safe and well. The big week is upon us, 100th Birthday of our illustrious division. It should be a great gathering. Unfortunately, Sylvia and I will not be there, Doctor orders are to not travel long distances.

We will be there in spirit and encourage all to have a good time. At the 12th Cavalry luncheon business meeting, updates on our association status will be given and a call for some to step up and take a leadership role to sustain our organization. We are an Association that strives to go a step beyond and proud of those who work preserve our legacy.

I compliment the work that our newer officers have done over the past two years…Treasurer Gary Pezzuti, New Web Site developer(s) Fred and Jocelyn Wilson, and the work Thomas Crabtree continues to do. They are examples of our ‘Always Ready’ call. This year we should elect a Vice President to assist President Jim Stokely and follow in his footsteps when his tenure is completed.

That is all for now...perhaps we will see some of you in Washington DC in November. Until then…take care and stay safe…SEMPER PARATUS!




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