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IRAQ 2/12

We honor them by remembering them.

May they rest in peace

In memory of the men from the 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry

who gave their lives for their country during

Operation Iraqi Freedom

OIF 08-10

Photo PVT Barnett, Charles Yi November 20, 2008 Co E, 2/12th Cav

OIF 06-08

Photo SGT Thrasher, Robert B. February 11, 2007 Co D, 2/12th Cav

Photo SGT Allen, John E. March 17, 2007 Co A, 2/12th Cav

Photo SGT Santini, Ed March 17, 2007 Co A, 2/12th Cav

Photo PFC Davis, William N. March 17, 2007 Co A, 2/12th Cav

Photo PFC Landry Jr., John F. March 17, 2007 Co A, 2/12th Cav

Photo SGT Bushnell, William W. April 21, 2007 HHC, 2/12th Cav

Photo PFC Spencer, Raymond Jr. June 21, 2007 Co A, 2/12th Cav

Photo PFC Rossi, Jonathan M. July 1, 2007 Co B, 2/12th Cav

Photo CPL Stacey, Jeremy L. July 5, 2007 Co C, 2/12th Cav

Photo SPC Thorsen, Brandon T September 15, 2007 Co C, 2/12th Cav


PFC Hudson, Christopher E.21-Mar-04 HHC, 2/12th Cav

 SSG Carman, Edward W.17-Apr-04 Co A, 2/12th Cav

 SPC Onwordi, Justin B.2-Aug-04 HHC, 2/12th Cav

 PFC Shondee, Harry N.3-Aug-04 Co C, 2/12th Cav

 2LT Goins, James M.15-Aug-04 Co A, 2/12th Cav

 SPC Zapata, Mark A.15-Aug-04 Co A, 2/12th Cav

JSGT Nuiamae, Andres 28-Feb-04 Estonian Platoon

 SP4 Jones, Rodney 30-Sep-04 Co A, 1/5 Cav

 1SGT Illenzeer, Arre 25-Oct-04 Estonian Platoon

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